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Morning Portal is an independent design and lifestyle brand in Washington D.C. created and managed by me, Alex Curley. Original Morning Portal garments and products were created locally in my home studio using slow and sustainable construction practices. On this website you will find the online shop with current pieces for sale, projects showcasing Morning Portal's creative endeavors, blog posts featuring personal reflections and creative processes. Welcome to Morning Portal!.

Stockist? Collaborate with Morning Portal?

Morning Portal celebrates collaboration with makers, photographers, designers, retailers, and other creative individuals that share a passion for art and design. We are especially looking for stores to feature our products. Please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!!

This online presence is a space for creative reflection, exhibition, and inspiration.  All content was created myself and sometimes in collaboration with photographers, models, and other creative minds.  Credits are featured along with this content.  For inquiries and collaborations please contact  COPYRIGHT 2018 © MORNING PORTAL


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