IN THE STUDIO: Restarting my Design Process


There is a black Moleskine sketchbook at my worktable, typically buried under layers and layers of fabric scraps.  Inside this book are my design sketches and creative goals scribbled across its pages.  It is where my creative process begins.  Many of my goals in this book have materialized, and some still lie dormant within.

For almost 6 months my sketchbook has sat unopened, collecting dust.  My collection of clothing samples and draft patterns hang quietly in hibernation.  With summer almost here, my creative hiatus is finally coming to close.  It is time to get my studio practice started again and learn to balance my work + social + home + design life.  This post is an update on Morning Portal's evolution and my new design goals.



Last Sunday, I spent the morning setting my goals for the summer with a warm cup of coffee and my sketchbook. I thought about my creative endeavors, what I wanted to accomplish.  Last summer I launched my brand, and the response I received has been incredible.  With my 12 piece collection I met so many amazing people from my collaborations and photo shoots.  My community really encouraged and supported what I was doing.  Now it's time to take Morning Portal to the next level. 

My goals for Morning Portal:

1)   Rework my home studio practice to be more productive

2)   Rethink my design philosophy and focus my work on a small collection of accessible, non-binary, ethically made garments

3)   Open an online shop (AH!!)


The first step towards any goal will require a lot of dedicated time to get the ball rolling.  The most essential part of my design process definitely has to be my time spent alone. With quiet solitude I am able to have a studio practice with absolute focus, where I became completely absorbed in my creative process. 

I know this is all going to be a challenge.  Sometimes there are days I feel exhausted coming home from a long day at work.  These days I just want to be a couch potato.  During these moments I need to ignite my motivation.  Whether it is quick gym session, a cup of coffee, or a pep talk from a good friend, I will find that motivation to get to work.  I am determined, and I will practice perseverance. No one succeeds without hard work.    

I look forward to updating you with my process here.  Here.I.GO!  In the meantime, what strategies are you using to make time for the studio?  What are your goals? How are you balancing it all?

Until next time,

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