SUNDAY SLOWDOWN: Minimal Holiday

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Washington D.C.


I have always been inspired by clutter-free design and natural simplicity.   So when it came time to get festive-ready for the holiday season, I knew I wanted to create a fresh holiday space where I could slow down and escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush.  Using simple touches of evergreens and candles, I created a festive space while staying true to my minimal aesthetic.  I hope to inspire you with a few simple ideas that are easy to carry out this holiday season.    



During the winter months, evergreens are in their prime, and simple evergreen branches can bring the wonders of the winter into an interior space.  To deck the halls, I picked up a bundle of mixed evergreen branches from my local Whole Foods and set to work.  This Fraser Fir branch in a vase is elegant in its simplicity and is perfectly reminiscent of classic Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  It fits easily on any tabletop or surface in your home making it great as a Christmas tree substitute for any small space.  Using the remainder of the mixed bundle I created a small wreath using a bit of wire and patience.  If this bare minimalism isn't quite your thing, consider adding a bit of color or ornamentation to your evergreens to give them more pizzazz


Inspired by the Reading My Tea Leaves by Erin Boyle, I taped a few remaining evergreen sprigs on the wall.  I find the simplicity of these evergreen decorations endearing and calming. 



The glow and aroma of your favorite candle can add a welcoming warmth to any space on a cold winter day.   Two of my favorite candles this season are Frasier Fir by THYMES and Balsam & Spice by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia.  I cannot get enough of each of these scents.  THYMES has created the best holiday scent with Frasier Fir by combining the warmth of cedar wood, sandalwood, and Siberian fir needles.  This candle is sooo fragrant you could just open the lid and your home would fill with its fresh aroma.  If you are looking for something lighter, Balsam & Spice is much more subtle and quiet with its woodsy, spicy scent.  The glass container and wood lid makes this a winner in visual appeal as well. 

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I am all festive-ready with my simple evergreens and seasonal candles.  What gets you excited about the holiday season?

Until next time,