It's spring, and you know what? The changing season has also changed my mindset. I am taking my first steps to reimagine my approach to life and design, starting with minimizing my wardrobe.  In this post I highlight my twelve piece spring curation.  There are four categories that feature a combination of my post-winter favorites and lighter spring wears.

Goals: Less stuff, smaller footprint, more money in the bank? Heck yes!!!

Like many of us, I have clothes that I do not wear.  Fast-fashion culture is constantly encouraging us to buy more! I bought into this disposable mentality, but enough is enough!  In classic spring cleaning practice, I am donating and letting go of all the garments that do not fit into my needs or contribute to my self expression.

There are many wardrobe editing processes and strategies out there to help simplify life and promote sustainability and mindfulness.  My inspiration came from Erin Boyle's, Simple Matters: Living with Less and Ending Up with More and Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up.

Doing nothing is easy.  The first steps in a simplified life requires effort to get the ball rolling and perseverance to keep it going.  I began my spring editing process by making time in my schedule to go through everything my closet.  Three piles were made; trash, donate, and love.  It was surprisingly easy to identify the standout pieces in my closet that I love. These pieces are practical, uplift my state of mind, articulate my aesthetic, and inspire me. Noticing the value in these pieces, and lack of value in other garments, made my decisions simple and straightforward.  From statement knitwear, to asymmetric t-shirts, I now have a versatile spring collection that brings me joy.  Check it out below, and my lookbook post where you can see how I wear these pieces.

Spring Knitwear

Starting off I selected three knitwear pieces, an oversize cardigan + white sweater, and a black, Morning Portal statment sweater that I created. I found that these knits are versatile and great layering options for chilly, rainy days or cozy, movie nights.

Altered Shirts

Purchasing clothing secondhand is a sustainable practice and very affordable.  Last summer I scored these two button down shirts from Diversity Thrift in Richmond, VA, and I spent that afternoon cutting and sewing to reshape them.  Although you can't see the alterations here, the lookbook will show these off.  Give your old clothes a second life by donating them to a local thrift shop or goodwill.  Someone else may love or need the pieces you are letting go. 

Jersey Basics

I love a t-shirt with an inventive twist.  I chose my black, asymmetric, longline, draped t-shirt, an olive grey, long sleeve t-shirt, and my altered, white tank.  These are simple, unique in proportion and fit, and extremely comfortable.

Collection Staples

These last pieces go with my entire wardrobe and can be worn every single day.  For shoes, bags, and sunglasses, I invest in pieces that I know will last a long time, if not a life time.  Pictured above: black canvas boots, black canvas tote bag, and blue mirrored sunglasses. Not pictured: black denim shorts.

These 12 pieces will definitely be in my keep pile this season, and for many seasons to come.  Moving forward, I will use all my willpower to avoid purchasing more clothing this season.  Although I have long way ago to achieve a truly minimal and mindful wardrobe, I am excited and inspired to continue this seasonal edit approach.  

I have a lot of plans for this online space, so stay tuned…Check out my new lookbook post featuring these pieces, and later on I will be editing and rethinking my formal clothes + workwear. In the meantime, what are your spring favorites?  What inspires you to be more mindful?  Let's connect!

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Spring Lookbook Blog Post
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Spring Knits and Jersey Basics: Similar styles can be found at
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Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Canvas Boots: Dr. Martens
Canvas Bag: Herschel
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